Vážení zákonní zástupci, po dobu velikonočních prázdnin (6. dubna 2023) bude školní družina po projednání se zřizovatelem uzavřena.
19.11.2017, Michaela Šicová

Project 4.C – Create, share and gain

Pupils from 4.C class have been teaching English since September through  work with the peers from Germany and Slovenia. Through the eTwinning project called Create, Share and Gain they have the opportunity to apply their English skills in practice. They learnt  to work independently in a common twinspace very soon  and the project work  also develops their technical skills. And what have our  pupils already done? They exchanged contact letters with German children. They have prepared a team presentation for their partners, where everyone has recorded  their own talk about themselves, so  this was  the first task for the partners. They also designed their own project logos, one of Czech logos was voted in the final round. And last week, we made a short video where the pupils themselves preseneted  their school. Learn more on the project pages