Vážení zákonní zástupci, po dobu jarních prázdnin (27. února – 3. března 2023) bude školní družina po projednání se zřizovatelem uzavřena.


Project 4.C – Create, share and gain


Pupils from 4.C class have been teaching English since September through  work with the peers from Germany and Slovenia. Through the eTwinning project called Create, Share and Gain they have the opportunity to apply their English skills in practice. They learnt  to work independently in a common twinspace very soon  and the project work  also develops their technical skills. And what have our  pup…

Project 5.A/B – Tongue Twisters from Europe


The project is addressed to children at the age of 9–12. Tongue twisters are great to help kids improve their pronunciation and fluency. The aim of the project is to make students less ashamed and afraid to speak in English. It will be fantastic experience for them to learn some tongue twisters in different European languages too. What we have already done and other project plans you can find on h…


About eTwinning


eTwinning is the activity of the European Commission, which supports the international cooperation of schools with the use of IT technologies.  Two or more schools from Europe can establish the project on any topic with common outcomes. The main objectives are  to improve the knowledge of a foreign language, to motivate pupils to do something non-traditional, new and interesting, to learn about ot…

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