Vážení zákonní zástupci, po dobu velikonočních prázdnin (28. března 2024) bude školní družina po projednání se zřizovatelem uzavřena.
09.10.2017, Michaela Šicová

About Our School

Primary School, Most, Okružní 1235 is a full-time school for children from 6 – 15 years old pupils.  At first grade there are two or three classes in the year, at the second degree usually in two parallel classes. The capacity of the school is 765 pupils. Pupils  are not only Czechs but also many   different nationalities (Vietnamese, Ukrainians..). Many pupils  in our school  are  children with problems in their families (single-parent families, divorces, unemployed parents...) There are several pupils with learning disabilities in our school too and they are integrated in regular classes.

The  school building is situated in the outskirts of the city in the panel housing estate Liščí Vrch with the availability of public transport. It is a panel-type building made up of six pavilions, which are interconnected with the school canteen. Today the  school takes advantage of 5 pavilions where you can find about 20 different classrooms, 2 big gyms, some special schoolrooms for example PC classrooms and the Physics and Chemistry  laboratory. Many classrooms are equiped with the interactive white boards and computers.There is also internet connection in PC classrooms. Parents have possibility to communicate with the teachers via school web page and we all use electronical communication via bakalář. Related to school teaching staff there are 30 teachers who are fully qualified and experienced with a lot of  years of working experience in public schools.There are also few special assistents employed to help pupils with their possible problems.

We see that knowledge of foreign language is highly important nowadays. So we focus on these subjects. English language is taught from the first grade and the second foreign language - Germany is taught from the 8th grade.